Latto declared herself as the “Queen Of The Souf” on her debut album. A bold claim that came after years of grinding, and a gold record — a first for any female rapper coming from Atlanta. She clearly has no intention of slowing down. In fact, she’s continuously exploring her artistry in recent records. Unfortunately, “Big Energy” arrived with some harsh criticism from people who said that she’s trying to copy Doja Cat. 

Rich Fury/Getty Images

One person who doesn’t think that is 21 Savage. While the two have been romantically linked over the past few months, though Latto denied those claims. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t out here supporting each other in whatever what they can. Savage hit the ‘Gram on Friday following the release of Latto’s new single and declared her the Queen of Atlanta. “This too hard,” he wrote along with a fire emoji. “Queen Of The A.” 

While it’s certainly commendable that Savage made sure to show support for a fellow ATLien, many were wondering what Akbar V, who has been claiming the title of Queen Of Atlanta, would have to say. On Friday night, she issued a response where she said that she’ll simply be allowing her music to speak for her moving forward and revealed an Oct. 22nd release date for her mixtape, Queen of Atlanta. 

“A lot of folks speak things to get my reaction… but truth be told if I don’t have music out and I’m screaming QueenOfAtlanta it looks crazy,” she tweeted. “So I’m not speaking anymore I’m letting my music talk.”

Check Akbar’s response below.