The next episode of DJ Akademiks’ podcast Off The Record is set to go live on Wednesday, and the media personality is giving his followers a sneak peek into tomorrow’s guest, revealing that he will be interviewing Atlanta rapper 21 Savage. Ak shared a preview of the upcoming podcast, during which Savage debates why he thinks Future might be bigger than Drake in his hometown.

“N***as don’t be listenin’ to Drake like that where we are,” said the rapper in a video posted to Akademiks’ page. “If I wasn’t a rapper, I don’t feel like I still would listen to Drake, for real. It’s just I’m a rapper so I understand the work he puts in and how hard he goes. When you ain’t no rapper, all them statistics don’t mean shit. A regular street n***a don’t give a fuck about how many times you went #1, how many white people listen to your shit ’cause, them n***as, the furthest they think is the club. Who’s selling this club out? That’s what they think is the biggest n***as.”

Scott Legato/Getty Images

Savage went on to say that, in Atlanta, a large number of people would argue that Future is “bigger” than Drake, by that measure.

“In Atlanta, it’s a lot of n***as who you can’t tell them Future ain’t bigger than Drake,” said Savage, which Akademiks immediately disputed. “On god, n***a. I used to think that! Drake ain’t really no big mixtape artist like that. How you got all your Drake albums, you probably really went in the store and bought those motherfuckers. Every Future album I ever heard was a bootleg. N***as was bootleggin’ it or going to Live Mixtapes. So when Nothing Was The Same and all that type of shit came out, n***as ain’t knowing how to get to that.”

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Do you think that 21 Savage has a point? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned for tomorrow’s full episode of Off The Record.