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21 Savage Says He Could Beat The Entire City Of Jacksonville In A Verzuz Battle


The Atlanta rapper said he could take on the entire city by himself.

The Jacksonville rap scene is slowly but surely forcing its way into the mainstream rap game.

With artists like Foolio, Yungeen Ace and SpotemGottem rising to prominence, there has been more and more conversation surrounding the city and it’s potential impact on hip-hop. Almost mirroring Chicago’s extremely violent rap landscape, Foolio and Yungeen Ace have been going at each other’s necks for quite some time now and both parties have lost a ton of friends and family members in the process. And recently, SpotemGottem was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery after he was shot five times in a drive-by shooting. 

Despite the violence, Jacksonville is making a name for itself and is a rare example of a city not named Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles or New York making waves in the hip-hop scene.

But that didn’t stop 21 Savage from ensuring Foolio, Ace and SpotemGottem that he could take the entire city of Jacksonville on in a Verzuz battle and win all by himself. 

Hopping in a ClubHouse chatroom with the Jacksonville rappers, Savage went off, repeatedly saying “I swear I could beat Jacksonville by myself, bruh.” 

Foolio chimed in, telling 21 that Jacksonville is just getting into the rap game and that they’d be a formidable opponent before long but the Atlanta rapper wasn’t hearing it. Clarifying that he was looking for a “city vs. city” battle, it was all about knocking Jacksonville down a peg. 

SpotemGottem took to his IG story to say that Savage just didn’t want to give credit where credit is due and that even though he likes a few songs, “no one in Florida ride around bumpin 21 all day.”

Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images

What do you think of this 21 Savage/Jacksonville feud? Atlanta versus Jacksonville would obviously be a wildly lopsided match but if it was just 21 versus Jacksonville, would the “X” rapper win? Let us know in the comments. 



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