2FeetBino Offers Up Some Lowkey Flows On “Sex, Money, Seafood”


Atlanta artist 2FeetBino has been impressing fans with a plethora of catchy singles as of late, and he is looking to keep that momentum alive. With singles like “In Da Spot” and “How I’m Comin'” in his rearview mirror, he knew he would have to bring the heat, and that is exactly what he did with his latest effort called “Sex, Money, Seafood,” which dropped on Thursday.

One of the more striking parts of the song is the instrumental which comes with a nonchalant drum track and some scintillating guitars. 2FeetBino continues the nonchalant vibes as he offers up a low-key flow that has some Playboi Carti influence within it. Lyrically, 2FeetBino does quite a bit of flexing, and overall, it’s a braggadocios track that achieves its goal of creating a dope atmosphere. 

You can check out the new song, below.

Quotable Lyrics:

I thought you were perfect for me
You told me you working, but you out here twerking for free
Bitch you ain’t got no purpose for me
Sex, Money, Seafood, you coming around me like I need you


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