2FeetBino Shows Versatility In “How Im Comin”


Following the release of his singles, “Target” and “Got Me Started,” 2FeetBino continues to push out music with a new music video for “How I’m Comin.” The Atlanta-born rapper takes on an infectiously bouncy beat while further showcasing his versatility compared to some of his latest releases. His syrupy melodies offer triumphant moments but he also shares a more personal side as he details his relationship with his daughter. 

Bino’s been having quite the run this year following the release of 2020s A Story Never Told. He kicked off the 2021 run with “In Da Spot” ft. 4L Quan, one of the most memorable trap records of 2021 that’s been in steady rotation in the clubs. “How Im Comin” makes yet another shoutout to his daughter, in a similar vein to “Apple Pie” off of A Story Never Told where his daughter takes center stage in the music video. Whereas “Apple Pie” discusses the life that he wishes he could give to his daughter, “How I’m Comin” showcases the story of his come-up in trying to provide for her. The easy-going beat is juxtaposed next to lines about the rise in the rapper’s career, newfound fame, wealth, and moments of reflection about the impact that it’s had on his, and his daughter’s lives.

Peep the latest offering from 2FeetBino below and sound off with your thoughts in the comments.

Quotable Lyrics
B*tch this ain’t no Jeep
She ask me how I’m comin’
Babe, I’m goin deep
Foreign sh*t cost too much money
Break her neck, she lose my key
Thousand dollar pillowcase
They gon’ rob me while I’m sleep


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