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2KBABY Links With Chief Keef, DDG & Mozzy On New Album, “First Quarter”

If you loved 2KBABY’s collab with Chief Keef from the end of October, you’ll be happy to know that the 21-year-old included “Luigi,” as well as 10 other hits on his latest release, First Quarter.

The new album marks Baby’s first full-length project since he shared his debut, Pregame Rituals back in April of 2020. In the months between then and now, he’s kept his fans fed with a string of singles, including “Zack & Cody” featuring DDG and “Like This” with Marshmello.

First Quarter also sees an appearance from Mozzy on “Old Shoes,” with the Kentucky native carrying the rest of the tracks by himself.

“I be trying to make my music so that anybody from any walk of life can feel that shit. Not just street n***as. I’m a street n***a, I don’t have to prove that shit to nobody. That shit don’t got to be proven, it’s already there. I’ve got that. What else can I do? I’m trying to expand. I’m more than a street n***a. I’m trying to be bigger than that. I don’t even like calling myself a street n***a. That’s labeling yourself. I’m a grown ass man at the end of the day,” he told Complex of his music back in 2019.

Check out 2KBABY’s latest album below and leave your thoughts in the comments. 


1. Tay Keith

2. Postman

3. Julia Lewis

4. Luigi (feat. Chief Keef)

5. Zack & Cody (feat. DDG)

6. Like This (with Marshmello)

7. Night Sky

8. Old Shoes (feat. Mozzy)

9. Something On My Mind

10. Sunshine

11. Ball & Chain


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