2KBABY Taps Chief Keef For “Luigi” Collab

2KBABY has dropped a string of popular singles including “THE 2K STIMULUS,” “Like This,” “Great White,” “Kiki,” and the DDG collab, “Zack & Cody” throughout 2021. Now, the Louisville rapper has returned with “Luigi,” featuring Chicago’s own Chief Keef.

Along with the three minute and 21-second long song, the duo dropped a visual directed by Jay Pusha, which takes place in a hospital after a shooting and sees plenty of Halloween-friendly masks appear throughout.

“Fun fact I always wanted to work with Sosa,” 2KBABY revealed via an Instagram post earlier this week. “When this happened I was beyond grateful. Sosa don’t get on n*ggas songs and he surely don’t do music videos with people like that so to accomplish this is like winning a GRAMMY!!”

“You can’t count me out, you can’t do the math,” Keef raps during his verse, followed 2K sharing lines about his “big bank” and staying strong while smoking at a party before carrying out the rest of the track with strong consistency.

“Remember when I told ya, we never needed no love/None of these n*ggas gon’ show up, but most of them gon’ fold up,” the 21-year-old sings on the chorus.

Stream “Luigi” by 2KBABY featuring Sosa below.

Quotable Lyrics:

Whole world on my shoulder, yeah

Hold on, gettin’ colder and colder and colder

I’m just getting older, uh, yeah, yeah

Shoutout all my soldiers, my soldiers, my soldiers



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