TikTok star LaRon Hines built a following for himself by interviewing pre-schoolers, asking them if they’re smart before proceeding to quiz them with simple questions. Most of the time, the kids blurt out hilarious responses. The joyful videos are a fan-favorite on social media, and they have brought him a level of fame, showing up at the Golden Globes and interviewing guests in his signature fashion. Now, he’s remixing his popular format by bringing celebrities into the mix, sharing the video for the “celebrity edition” of Are You Smart?

The first guest on the show was Kehlani, who raved about LaRon’s singing as she finished her own lyrics. Then, LaRon caught up to 42 Dugg.

“Are you smart?” asked LaRon.

“No,” he answered, confidently. 

On the show, the pre-schoolers always tell LaRon that they are smart, so 42 Dugg’s answer came as a bit of a surprise.

“You supposed to say yes, bro!” said LaRon. “Are you smart?”

“No, again,” responded the rapper. 

“Well, anyways, finish the lyric. Before I go broke like Joc…” prodded the host.

“Rob me a broke ass b*tch,” said Dugg, misquoting himself. 

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

The video has 42 Dugg trending on social media, with fans calling him a “bad ass kid” and noting that he’s got them cackling. 

Watch the video below and comment your reactions.