Yet again, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s marriage has become a topic of conversation thanks to…well…them. Over the years, a global audience has had front row seats to Red Table Talk where the Smith family candidly discusses the ongoings of their brood. Will and Jada have often been open about the ups and downs that have faced in the decades that they have been together, and once again, Jada has shown a light on what goes on in the bedroom.

The fallout has been interesting as people have brought up the actress’s close relationship with lat Rap icon Tupac Shakur. After Jada detailed the struggles of maintaining fire between the sheets, she took to Twitter to clarify that her sex life with Will is just fine.

Never one to skip a trending moment, 50 Cent added his voice to the conversation by questioning Jada’s motives in bringing up these topics for the world to weigh in on.

“[eyeball emoji] Why she keep doing sh*t like this? [shrug emoji] it makes the relationship appear weak. first a entanglement now this, come on! [face palm emoji] WTF.” It is a sentiment that has been echoed on social media, but the Smiths have long made it clear that they hope their open and honest conversations will help others who may be going through similar situations but are afraid to talk about them. 

Check out Fif’s post below.