50 Cent Reveals What Eminem Texted Him After Appearing On Drew Barrymore’s Show

50 Cent Reveals What Eminem Texted Him After Appearing On Drew Barrymore’s Show

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Eminem texted 50 Cent to tell him he’s “crazy” after his appearance on Drew Barrymore’s show.

Eminem has seemingly been keeping up with his daytime talk shows, catching his good friend 50 Cent during his appearance on the Drew Barrymore Show last week. 

Speaking with Drew Barrymore about the random text messages he often gets from Eminem, 50 Cent got out of his seat and filmed a video with the talk show host to send to Em.

“Look, I’m sending you videos with really hot, attractive women. You need to send me something back,” said Fiddy in the video. “I need to see a video in return of somebody special!”

After Fif posted about his appearance on the Drew Barrymore Show, he detailed the text message he received from Marshall Mathers in response.

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“@eminem text me and was like hey i know i’m late to the party. I just saw the @drewbarrymore show. Bro you are crazy, only you would do something like that. LOL,” wrote Fiddy on Instagram.

Last year, Fiddy spoke about Eminem’s sporadic texting behavior, saying, “To this day, you know what’s ill about Em, he hits me randomly,” revealed Fif before speaking about his Pop Smoke collaboration lyrics. “He texted me and he was like, ‘When you gone fly me a private so I can land on that dick? What the fuck is wrong with you? You said a line that a bitch was supposed to say and made it sound cool. Oh, you was on some other shit.’ But he’ll stop doing what he’s doing to do that. That shit makes my day on a whole other level. Cause I’m like, that was random. I’m always gonna have love for him. That’s my guy.”

Watch his video message for Eminem below, as well as his post revealing Em’s text message.

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