50 Cent Says He Tried To Stop Snoop Dogg From Smoking Pot On ‘BMF’ Set – VIBE.com

After casting Snoop Dogg in a role in his new TV series, BMF, 50 Cent had the challenge of trying to convince Snoop to stop smoking on set, which he revealed during his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live Thursday night (Sept. 16).

However, Fif, who doesn’t smoke himself, was up for the challenge but admitted to Kimmel that it was quite the struggle to get Snoop on board, a concern he previously voiced after news broke of the rap legend’s involvement in the series back in April.

“He did his thing,” the Power star said of directing the Dogg Father in an episode of BMF, adding, “You can’t get him to stop smoking weed. I went to the trailer. I was like, ‘Can you chill? Can you chill?’ He was like, ‘Get outta here man! No, it’s legal 50! It’s legal!”

“He was really conflicted with me asking him not to smoke weed,” Fif continued, joking, “He was like, ‘Why you wanna mess up my day?’”

Speaking of working with fellow rappers, Fif also spoke on Eminem’s forthcoming cameo in BMF as Detroit drug dealer and FBI informant Richard “White Boy Rick” Wershe Jr., which is one of Em’s first roles since starring in the 2002 film 8 Mile nearly two decades ago.

“I think [Eminem] had a terrible experience on the 8 Mile project,” Fif said of Em’s hesitancy to take on additional roles in light of the film’s success. “‘Cause he just didn’t wanna go back again, like, ever again. There were times when Hollywood would offer me things to get him. His agent would go, ‘Yeah, this is good, give it to 50 and let him take it.’ The projects they’d offer him would be for $8 million, and he’ll look at it and go, ‘Did you look at it, Em?’ He’s like, ‘Yeah, I read it. I just think we should do Warriors. Like the old movie Warriors, we should do something like Warriors.’ I’m like, ‘Did you just miss the $8 million?’ It doesn’t move him at all. He’s just like, ‘Let’s just go and record records, let’s just go make records.’”

Never one to shy away from commenting on the latest controversies within the culture, 50 also gave his two cents on Nicki Minaj’s comments about the COVID vaccines. In reference to Minaj’s story of her cousin’s friend becoming impotent and getting swollen testicles as a result of taking the vaccine, claims that have since been refuted by Dr. Anthony Fauci and Trinidad and Tobago’s Minister of Health Terrence Deyalsingh, the Queens native took the opportunity to inject a little humor into the subject, no pun intended.

“Listen, you didn’t look at the details of that situation,” the “Wanksta” rapper responded when the topic was brought up by Kimmel. “The details said he was about to get married. I think the testicles, it could be from the bachelor party. Nobody said that. Why nobody thought about the bachelor party? Now, if you had a really good bachelor party and then stuff starts swelling, it was Pfizer!”

Watch 50 Cent’s full interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live below.


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