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50 Cent’s Enemy Jimmy Henchman May Be Getting Out Of Prison, Thanks To Trump


Jimmy Henchman is serving nine life sentences for drug trafficking and murder-for-hire.

50 Cent was one of Donald Trump’s celebrity endorsements for re-election last year, with the rap legend raving over Trump’s proposed plans, specifically for taxes. The executive producer of BMF was uncertain about President Joe Biden’s plan to tax the ultra-rich, raising percentages in New York and other states, which bothered Fif. 

You would think that, because of 50’s previous support for Trump, the former President work some things out to keep the rapper’s enemies in awful situations. Jimmy Henchman, real name James Rosemond, is presently serving multiple life sentences for drug trafficking and murder-for-hire, allegedly killing 50’s friend Lodi Mack. Back when Trump was still in power, Henchman’s legal representatives reportedly worked hard to get the music manager freed from prison, and Trump actually seemed down, agreeing to commute his sentence during a phone call. However, Trump is long gone from the White House and Henchman remains behind bars. His lawyers are arguing that because of Trump’s command, he should be let out as soon as possible.

Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

“Let’s get this guy home for Christmas,” reportedly said Trump while on a call with Henchman’s lawyers before he was kicked out of office. They had “no doubt” that Henchman would be coming home after that conversation, but he’s still behind bars. 

A petition was filed on Thursday where Henchman’s attorneys are arguing that Trump’s conversation marked a verbal confirmation of Henchman’s commuted sentence, and he needs to be released soon. “Rosemond is serving a sentence that no longer exists,” wrote his attorneys in a twenty-page petition. “This exact situation is unprecedented — it does not appear to have happened in the history of the United States,” they added, arguing, “it’s clear to me that Jimmy doesn’t belong in prison for another day.”

A spokesperson for Donald Trump did not respond to The Washington Post’s request for comment. We will keep you posted on more information as it gets revealed. Do you think Jimmy Henchman will be home soon?

Johnny Nunez/Getty Images



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