6ix9ine is one of the more hated artists in the world thanks to the way he snitched on his former affiliates. The artist himself is a masterful troll, but sometimes, the perpetrator of the trolling becomes the greatest victim of it all. That is exactly what happened last night as the artist’s Spotify page was hacked and filled with some pretty bizarre images.

First off, his profile picture was changed to Trippie Redd, while there was another image of an Animorphs that turns 6ix9ine into a rat. There were also various images of penises, although we will not be showing those in this article. Perhaps the most egregious part of this was the artist’s bio which read “I grew up always wanting to be like Trippie Redd and lil durk I’d let them hit my girl and my mom. My mom p***y stand I came from the sewer. Wack 100 my boyfriend and he secretly crip.”

The Spotify hack came as a huge shock to fans on social media, who were egged on by others to take a look at what 6ix9ine was up to. As you can imagine, many were surprised by what they came across, although there were some who theorized that it was Tekashi himself who did the hack. The rapper has yet comment about it, so clearly he isn’t pressed about the whole thing.

In the meantime, dozens of hilarious memes were made to mark the occasion, you can check them all out down below.