A free version of Adobe Photoshop is coming to web browsers


Great news for photo editors, artists, and graphics designers! Soon you will no longer be under obligation to pay for all Adobe Photoshop services as Adobe plans to launch a FREE, web-only version of Photoshop. This new version is currently undergoing beta testing in Canada.

What will you need to make use of this free version of Photoshop? Adobe promises that with your account, you can access the free web-only version. This will help bring Adobe Photoshop basic tools to users not ready to pay the set monthly price.

Currently, Adobe offers monthly subscriptions to its users and these subscription plans come in various packages. Monthly payment increases with the amount of cloud storage plan one purchases. Per month, a user will pay $9.19 to use the 20GB Photoshop plan, and $22.99 for the 1TB storage plan.

With the free version of Photoshop in view, users will be sure of basic editing tools. A simplified layout of the available paid version will be available on the web once it is available globally. Via this web version, artists will be able to share works for collaboration. 

This free web version of Adobe Photoshop is a brilliant idea because most users do not utilize all tools they pay for. Soon, artists and designers will be able to use the basic and essential editing tools at no cost. It will also help more users decide to switch to a payment plan once they need more editing tools.

At the moment, there is no set date for the global roll-out of the Photoshop web version. But once it is available, anyone with an Adobe account will be able to access it via their web browser.


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