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Aaliyah’s Self-Titled Final Album Reaches Streaming Platforms

Undoubtedly, the release of this record is bittersweet for Aaliyah fans. We recently acknowledged the 20th anniversary of the beloved singer’s death, and surrounding the somber time has come the release of Aaliyah’s catalog. Blackground Records has promised that it will return its artist’s music to DSPs, including works by JoJo and Tank, yet fans have been overly excited to hear Aaliyah’s records considering they haven’t been available for streaming.

We have received One in a Million along with soundtracks includingRomeo Must Die, the film that Aaliyah starred in alongside Jet Li. On Friday (September 10), fans are once again storming their favorite streaming platforms as the singer’s self-titled album, a record that would be her last, has reached the masses. 

Aaliyah was released just a little over a month before the singer tragically died in a plane crash, and it is one of her most beloved works. Yet, there is another Aaliyah album on the horizon; a posthumous effort that reportedly features artists like Chris Brown, Future, and Drake. While we wait for that project, take a walk down memory lane and stream Aaliyah.


1. We Need a Resolution ft. Timbaland
2. Loose Rap ft. Static Major
3. Rock The Boat
4. More Than Woman
5. Never No More
6. I Care 4 U
7. Extra Smooth
8. Read Between The Lines
9. U Got Nerve
10 Refuse
11. It’s Whatever
12. I  Can Be
13. Those Were The Days
14. What If
15. Try Again

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