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A$AP Yams’ Mom Pours One Out For Her Son


It’s no surprise that A$AP Yams’ mom is a real one.

On January 18th, 2015, the world lost the cultural icon and innovator known as A$AP Yams. Born Steven Rodriguez, Yams was the originator and founder of the A$AP collective who made waves and shifted the game in the early 2010s. A lot of the jiggy rapping and stylings from 2011-2014 can be directly attributed to A$AP Mob. Many people who were deeply tapped into the culture grieved the loss of A$AP Yams, and to this day his name is carried on.

John Ricard/BET/Getty Images for BET

7 years later, the reverence and adoration for Yams is still as strong as ever. A$AP Mob and fans constantly give his name the flowers it deserves, letting people know of the many foreground and background contributions Yams provided. Many have learned more about him after passing, simply because he would operate behind the scenes so efficiently and effectively. Of course, one fan’s love for A$AP Yams can’t be outshined. That love is from his own mother, affectionately known as Mama Yamborghini.

On January 18th, the anniversary of her beloved son’s passing, she took to Instagram to display her love for her son. She visited his memorial with a handful of friends and other loved ones. There, they gathered to celebrate his life and spread the love that he was known to spread to those in proximity to him. They drank and exchanged smiles and laughs. Mama Yamborghini then proceeded to pour out her drink, sign of respect for child who was gone too soon.

It’s great to see that she is in good spirits and the fans’ continued love for her and A$AP Yams in the comment section. It is truly A$AP Forever.


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