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Aaron Rodgers Reacts To Being Called Sensitive


Aaron Rodgers has been called a lot of things over the past few months.

Aaron Rodgers is easily one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game and while his Super Bowl totals might not reflect that, you can’t deny his talent. Over the summer, Rodgers was in a holdout with the Packers as he demanded to be traded. Eventually, the whole thing blew over and Rodgers restructured his contract so that he could play with the Packers for at least one more season. The whole thing had fans rolling their eyes and calling Rodgers a bit of a drama queen.

After starting the season 2-1, the Packers are looking a lot better right now, and Rodgers seems to be back in his groove. According to The Athletic, Rodgers was even asked about being labeled “sensitive” by fans, and as you will see, the quarterback had an interesting response. Simply put, he actually agrees with the assessment.

Aaron Rodgers

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

“I think the term ‘sensitive’ has always been used in a derogatory sense, and because of that, I didn’t embrace it,” Rodgers said. “I am a sensitive person. I have feelings. I am empathetic. So I embrace those parts of me. I don’t like the narrative that spins it in a direction that I don’t like with respect to things that I feel like are part of my character.”

Rodgers had a terrible outing against the New Orleans Saints in Week 1, however, since that time, he has been impressive against the Detroit Lions and the San Francisco 49ers. At this point, the Packers are right back where they should be, at the top of the NFC North standings. While their QB might be sensitive, he is still elite at his position.

Aaron Rodgers

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images



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