ABSOLUTE SCENES: Dua Lipa reacts to Liverpool fans ‘One Kiss’ celebration


What is the connection between Dua Lipa and Liverpool FC?

Well Dua Lipa is a London girl born and bred but her performance ahead of the 2019 Champions League final has created a sort of positive association for the Reds.

Shortly after Liverpool lifted the FA Cup Wembley’s PA system belted out the favoured Dua Lipa track for Merseysiders, One Kiss.

Fans joined in singing as the Stadium was engulfed in red flare smoke and the party began.

Watch: Dua Lipa shares clip of Liverpool fans singing One Kiss

Jurgen Klopp urged Liverpool to give one last push for the quadruple after they beat Chelsea.

“The quadruple, it’s outstanding that we can talk about it, it’s crazy,” Klopp said.

“But we play Tuesday against Southampton and we have no clue who can play. I think we will have to make a few changes.

“It will be incredibly tough. The quadruple is on if you like, but also off as well. City are three points ahead and have a better goal difference. If they win at West Ham it’s hard.”

Dua Lipa Liverpool
Dua Lipa with Jamie Carragher. Photo: Dua Lipa/Twitter

Klopp lauded his players for matching Chelsea blow for blow after a gruelling campaign.

“My team knows exactly what I think of them. This is a trophy for the whole club. It’s massive, it means the world,” Klopp said.

“You saw with the performance what it means to the players. It’s massive. It’s game number 60 in a very intense season and pulling out a performance like this is absolutely incredible.”

Klopp also revealed that Liverpool’s penalty success was in part due to their work with a neuro-science firm.

“The penalties are a lottery but we did it again. We work with a neuro company, they got in contact a few years ago,” Klopp said.

“They said we can train penalty shooting. I said that sounds interesting, come over. We met, we worked together. This trophy is for them, like the League Cup.”


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