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Adele Breaks Spotify’s Single Day Streaming Record With “Easy On Me”


Chart Data reports that the song has already been streamed nearly 20 million times.

From the looks of things, the world has been craving the return of Adele. On October 15th, the 33-year-old released her first song since 2015, an emotional track titled, “Easy On Me.” According to Chart Data on Twitter, Adele has already begun breaking records with her re-entry into the music world.

This morning, it was revealed that “Easy On Me” has already been played over 19.479 million times on Spotify, making it “the biggest single day stream count for any song in chart history.” The same account also announced that Adele’s single had debuted at #1 on the global Apple Music singles chart.

As if that weren’t enough cause for celebration, the English artist is also breaking necks over on YouTube, where the accompanying music video has received well over 52 million views in just one day. 

Clearly, people all over the world have been enjoying “Easy On Me,” including Drake, who took to Instagram to promote Adele’s single to his followers, even referring to her as one of his “best friends in the world.”

Ahead of the song’s release, the mother of one has been keeping busy, catching up with fans on social media. While on Instagram Live, Adele played a brief snippet of the song, and answered comedic questions from fans about potential collaborations with Peppa Pig, and her body count.

Along with “Easy On Me,” the “Rumour Has It” singer shared that her next album, 30, will be dropping on November 19th. If a single song alone received this much love, we can’t even begin to imagine the hysteria that her project will generate.

Read Adele’s sweet album announcement in the post below.


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