A quick way to earn a few extra dollars has been through reselling concert tickets. While it is a lucrative business for hustlers, it can be a thorn in the industry’s, as well a fans’, sides. Jazmine Suliivan recently spoke out about the controversy over her tour and how resellers have scooped up a massive amount of tickets and are selling them at astronomical prices. 

Another artist who recently bore the brunt of a reselling nightmare is Adele and her fans are livid. The singer will be appearing at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, and unsurprisingly, the tickets were sold out within minutes.

As her fans have attempted to grab their tickets from resellers, they’re finding that the prices have increased from anywhere between $2K to $35K. Adele is set to take to the stage in a series of weekend performances—Weekends with Adele—spanning from January to April, and although her dedicated fanbase was excited to see her live, especially after she expressed that she didn’t plan on touring her latest album 30 due to the pandemic, many can’t afford to.

However, many resellers will have to drop their prices because the general public just won’t’ be able to come up with the cash in the longrun. Still, they are certainly making a pretty penny. Check out a few reactions to the inflated ticket prices below.