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Adin Ross Apologizes To 6ix9ine After Trolling Him For Snitching


Adin Ross addressed 6ix9ine during a stream with DJ Akademiks.

Over the past year, Adin Ross has become one of the biggest streamers on Twitch. He started out playing 2K with the likes of Bronny James Jr, and once he got a phone call from LeBron himself, everything changed. Ross has since become a sensation on the platform as he gets tens of thousands of viewers to tune in each and every stream. He is a powerhouse on Twitch, although, with all eyes on him, there have been numerous instances in which he has gotten caught for putting his foot in his mouth.

One of the more recent examples of this is when he told 6ix9ine that if they met in real life, he would call him a rat to his face. Ross even said that he doesn’t play around like that and would never snitch in real life. Given Ross’ personality and demeanor on Twitch, 6ix9ine couldn’t help but metaphorically roll his eyes at the comments.


Eric Espada/Getty Images

Recently, Adin Ross had DJ Akademiks on his Twitch stream, where they went over the 6ix9ine drama. Ak even tried to call 6ix9ine on stream but the rapper wouldn’t answer. That is when Ross explained that he was simply trolling the entire time and that in real life, he would absolutely snitch if he had to. The streamer’s audience tried to turn it into a big thing, although it’s clear that Ross just wanted to troll one of hip-hop’s biggest heels. Needless to say, you won’t see any more drama between the two anytime soon. 

Ross has been known for angering the likes of Polo G and even Foolio with his antics, so this 6ix9ine saga shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. You can check out Ross’ full apology to 6ix9ine, below.


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