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AE & Amber Rose Appear To Throw Subs At Each Other On IG


AE feels like cheating was “God’s plan” while Amber Rose seemingly fired back with some humor.

Things will get messy when personal matters are brought to a public platform. Amber Rose and AE know that first hand. The former couple, who share a child together, ended up calling it quits earlier this year after AE confirmed that he was not faithful to Rose. To his credit, he did own up to his actions. Amber Rose, however, said that she was still in love with him, despite referring to him as a narcissist.

Andrew Toth/Getty Images

It’s been a few months since their relationship issues played out on social media but it seems like AE thought it was a good idea to revisit the debacle. The music exec took to his Instagram page where he shared a not-so-subliminal message about their falling out. He shared a post from Lil Duval who referred to cheating as “blessing in disguise.”

“Sometimes getting caught cheating is a blessing in disguise. Cuz if they didn’t catch you, you’d probably still be with the same person,” Duval’s tweet reads. AE shared it to his page with the caption reading, “God’s plan.”

Duval later elaborated on his tweet in the comment section of TheShadeRoom, writing, “Ladies look at it like this, you would’ve never met yo husband had you not caught the dude before him cheating.” 


Meanwhile, Amber Rose appeared to catch wind of the post and fired back with an interesting observation. “Finding out yo man a b*tch gotta be the worst gender reveal ever,” her post reads.

Check out Amber’s post below. 


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