Ahmad Anonimis Makes A Formal Introduction On “Dancing With My Feet Up”

Ahmad Anonimis has been receiving praise on social media all year without even dropping an LP. The Atlanta rapper has been bubbling in the city and beyond by simply rapping at high levels. Now, he offers the world a better glimpse at his artistry with the release of his debut full-length project, Dancing With My Feet Up.

Consisting of 12 songs in total, the rapper showcases his various pockets of flows, personality, quick-witted bars, and funky ear for production. Dancing With My Feet Up includes a slew of collaborations including Chris Patrick, Anonymuz, Trilly!, Mekdelawit, and Foolie Surfin. 

Press play on Ahmad Anonimis’ debut album Dancing With My Feet Up below and sound off in the comment section with your favorite track off of the project. 



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