Akon Says The Rich Have More Problems Than The Poor

Akon Says The Rich Have More Problems Than The Poor

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While reflecting on the passing of Michael K. Williams, Akon tells TMZ that famous and rich people have more issues than poor people.

As fans, collaborators, and various other people in the entertainment industry mourn the passing of Michael K. Williams, everyone from Lil Mama and Wendell Pierce to 50 Cent has publicly spoken on the late beloved actor. On Tuesday, TMZ caught up with Akon at Petrossian in Los Angeles, and the artist revealed that Williams was actually a dear friend of his. 

According to TMZ, Akon and Michael K. Williams hadn’t seen each other since the pandemic, but the Konvict Muzik founder immediately showed love to Michael K. Williams, saying that he was “an amazing person, super funny, [and] super talented.” When asked what Williams’ death meant to him, Akon took a moment to reflect on the struggles that celebrities face in private, despite constantly showing the public a “facade of success.”

“This business creates this like environment where everyone’s wearing a mask,” Akon says, explaining how the entertainment industry can yield distressing circumstances for actors, artists, and everyone in between. “No one tells you really is going on in your life.”

Akon then let off a hot take for the ages, in which he claimed that life is a little tougher for rich and famous people than poor people. “The famous in the rich go through more issues than the poor,” the Ain’t No Peace artist claims. “You know, when they say, ‘More money, more problems,’ that’s a real thing.”

See the clip of Akon’s impromptu interview with TMZ below and let us know in the comments if you think that Akon is on-point of out of touch with his hot take about the rich and famous.


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