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Alex Jones To Pay Damages To Sandy Hook Families Following Hoax Claims


The “Infowars” host suggested that the elementary school shooting that took the lives of 26 people—including 20 children—was just a hoax.

His controversial remarks about the Sandy Hook school shooting landed him in court, and Alex Jones is now suffering a legal loss. The Inforwars host has not been shy about sharing his thoughts and beliefs in conspiracy theories, but after he claimed that the tragic shooting at the elementary school never happened and was a hoax, parents took him to court.

In 2012, 20-year-old Adam Lanza visited the Connecticut school and opened fire, killing 26 people. Of the victims, 20 were children aged six and seven, while the others were staff.

Alex Jones
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Jones was hit with three defamation lawsuits, and this week, he was also hit with default judgments after a judge claimed he failed to turn over documents to the parents’ lawyers. According to NPR, “The cases now head to trial for juries to determine the amount of damages Jones and the other defendants will have to pay the families.”


“My clients have and continue to endure Defendants’ 5-year campaign of repulsive lies,” said attorney Bill Ogden. He is reportedly representing four parents in the Texas cases.  “We believe the Court hit this nail on the head when it considered Alex Jones’ and Infowars‘ ‘bad faith approach to this litigation,’ Mr. Jones’ ‘public threats,’ and Jones’ ‘professed belief that these proceedings are show trials.'”

Alex Jones
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Although Jones previously stated that the tragic incident was nothing more than actors playing out a school shooting, he has reportedly changed his tune and now believes the shooting was real.



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