Alicia Keys Set To Release Double Album, ‘Keys’ –

Alicia Keys is returning to the music scene, just a year after the release of her seventh studio album, Alicia. 

Her upcoming double album, Keys, will feature two types of songs: “original versions [which are] laidback piano vibes,” produced by herself and “unlocked versions [which are] upbeat, drums, level up vibes,” produced by herself and co-produced by Mike Will Made-It.

As seen in her docuseries, NOTED: Alicia Keys The Untold Stories, the New York native speaks on her artistry 20 years since her debut. “I definitely spent a long time holding back and now when I say ‘I know my lane and I wanna live in it,’ I wanna live in it in a way that I never did before.”

During episode 4 of NOTED, the Songs In A Minor singer is seen in the studio with Raphael Saadiq, J. Cole, and shows behind-the-scenes insight from the making of her song with Swae Lee, “LALA.” The episode is described as “Keys [finding] fulfillment in collaborating with new talent who push her own musical boundaries.”

Keys also expressed, “People never think that I’m the producer. They always think the guy in the room is the producer. I create the beats. I arrange the vocals. I arrange the music. I’m the last one to leave and the first to come and even though I’ve been at this for a minute, people are still surprised at what I can do.”

Though she did not namedrop the new project specifically, she stated, “This music is really about being a woman and being clear in what I want and what I deserve and how I want to express in a way that’s just completely in my badassery.”

A release date and tracklist for Keys has yet to be announced. Watch the teaser below.



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