Alina Baraz Returns With “Sunbeam” EP

It was over a year ago, mid-pandemic, that we last spoke to Alina Baraz. The singer was relatively fresh off the release of her ethereal debut, It Was Divine, although she confessed at the time, that she was already feeling energized enough to work on new music. Well, that new music has finally arrived. While it’s not a full-length effort like It Was Divine, it is a refreshing four-song effort that is satiating all the same. 

The EP is titled Sunbeam, which does seem to reflect an overall feeling you get while listening to the relaxing records, in the sense that, they are washing over you in a similarly soothing manner that rays of sunshine might.

Alina has not only been working on new music in the past year since she released It Was Divine (it’s worth noting she’s also mentioned a second EP to follow this one), she’s also been making some business moves. The singer transitioned from Mom+Pop to a new deal with UnitedMasters, infamously owned by Steve Stoute, as well.

Check out the new EP below, and let us know if you’re a fan of Alina– and if so, you can catch her on a U.S.-based tour, starting next week.


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