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Amazon Prime Video’s Free Larry Hoover Edit Cuts Out Drake’s 12-Song Set


The streaming edit failed to include Drake’s 12-song set.

Kanye West is no stranger to taking back his released projects to re-work and tweak them, and his latest collaboration with Amazon Prime Video is no exception. As reported by Variety, the 44-year-old’s Free Larry Hoover benefit concert with Drake appears to have received some pretty major edits following its initial premiere.

Fans have continued to stream the show on the platform over the past few days, and couldn’t help but notice that Drizzy’s 12-song set list has disappeared from the version available on Prime. While the Canadian star still joins Ye for a grand entrance down the massive staircase at the Coliseum in Los Angeles and a duet on “Forever,” we don’t see the father of one perform any of his own hits.

Variety has reached out to reps of both rappers and the streamer for comments, but received no reply. Potential reasoning could be that Drake only signed off on being a part of the live stream, and not uploaded elsewhere. “Drake may have restrictions in place that limit his exposure on certain streaming services, or he and his team did not provide approval for their own reasons,” the article explains.

While the “Over” recording artist may have pulled a vanishing act, West’s frequent collaborator, Mike Dean worked some magic of his own, revealing via Instagram on Monday that he’d given the concert an audio remix, which had made its way onto Prime Video.

Others speculated that perhaps Kanye and Drake had reignited their recently squashed beef, but those claims were shut down pretty quickly. Check out fan reactions to the Amazon edit of the Free Larry Hoover concert below.



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