An Italian starter that calls you back for more


Do you love Italian food and going to restaurants where you can buy delicious pizza and breads? You can make great pizza breads at home and our mushroom and garlic focaccia is a great treat as a starter with friends when you have a braai. It’s like a pizza without a saucy topping but is essentially the same thing but with different toppings. Mushrooms and garlic are always a great combination and adding rosemary adds even more goodness.

Mushroom and garlic focaccia tips

The dough is very similar to bread dough and some of the cooked mushroom and garlic mixture is added to it. Bake this focaccia in the oven and it’s even better if you have a pizza stone that has been pre-heated. Use your pizza oven for the best experience ever if you have one. You can easily make different toppings like any family pizza night and make small focaccia for everybody.

If you love Italian food and great flat breads, try our mushroom and garlic focaccia. It’s easy to make and a great winter warmer with your family.

Looking for great Italian food and inspiration? Just have a look at our recipe page, we have excellent suggestions for you to try.

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