Android Vs iOS: Why Apple is greater in this area



The battle between operating systems has aged well, and the Android Vs iOS battle has always been in the ring. It’s no longer shocking when you see avid Android and iOS users making strong arguments against each other as to which operating system is better. Some of the arguments from both sides are pointless and hold no water, but, the rivalry exists! 

Choosing a good operating system boils down to what you like (personal preference). But, in what areas does one side annihilate the other? A quick look at areas where the Android Vs iOS battle tilts and which party has the upper hand will be helpful.

  • Security: A number of people will argue that iOS security is better than Androids. Currently, with the issue of security, both parties have come a long way but still have their vulnerabilities. We share how an iPhone can be more secure in this article.
  • Innovations And New Features: Apple as a company is guilty of lip service when it comes to rolling out new features to its users. On the other hand, Android is not afraid to push out more cool features to users with updates. Apple is a “patient dog” waiting for Android to push out new features then color them iOS and release them to the iOS community as “all new!”

This list can go on and on with no side receiving a devastating blow from the other. But there is one area where iOS has always outdone Android.

Apple’s iOS proves to be the King Of Software Updates

Android Vs iOS

When buying a phone for the sake of longevity, I always advise people to go for the iPhone. Why? I’ll use the iPhone 6 as a case study.

The iPhone 6 was launched in 2014 and came with iOS 8 as the operating system onboard. But despite being launched eight years ago the iPhone 6 received its last software update (iOS 12.5.5) on the 23rd of September 2021. The iPhone 6s launched in 2015 (seven years old) yet it can be updated to the latest iOS version out now, the iOS 15.4

This is pure value for money. One can buy an iPhone and have a full assurance that they’ll keep this phone for as long as they want. Android devices don’t have this longevity, the highest updates available on any Android device today is four years on Samsung Galaxy S22 series. Apple’s iOS is ready to offer five to six years of OS updates.

Android is slowly trying to cover this gap the same way they covered the gap in device security. Until then, the Android Vs iOS battle continues with Apple’s operating system offering more value for money.


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