Angela Yee Responds To Lil Kim’s Complain Over Nicki Minaj Beef Post

Angela Yee Responds To Lil Kim’s Complain Over Nicki Minaj Beef Post

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Yee’s official Facebook page brought up the rappers’ previous beef and Lil Kim didn’t appreciate it.

It’s unbelievable to think that The Breakfast Club is celebrating its 11 year anniversary. For over a decade, DJ Envy, Charlamagne Tha God, and Angela Yee have prompted viral discussions about all things pop culture, music, and politics—often making for controversial moments that have become staples in Hip Hop. Just as they were kicking off this celebration, a social media post made by Yee was met with ire from Lil Kim.

We previously reported on Yee’s Facebook page uploading a post about Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim’s beef nine or 10 years ago. When someone alerted Kim about the post, she fired back.

“Why are we bringing this up, this interview is how many years ago?” Kim wrote in a comment. “Like really Angela Yee??? This sh*t is WACK but go Viral!” According to Baller Alert, Yee has responded to Kim’s complaint by saying she wasn’t even aware of the post.

“I don’t even post on Facebook, I had no idea,” Yee reportedly stated. “Think about it like this, I have a public page and a private page, and on my public page there’s a lot of content on there.” Like many other celebrities and public figures, Yee said she hired someone to handle certain social media pages.

“I actually pay people to use a lot of content and to edit clips and post things, just to keep my page like, a little news thing but a lot is centered on things that I do, she said. “I guess Lil Kim thinks that I posted this personally myself and Envy thinks that it’s my fault.” Is Angela Yee to blame?


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