Angelico talks working with Matt Hardy and new theme music


The South African caught up with our favourite AEW wrestler Angelico last week just as he was jetting off to Barcelona.

Angelico recently returned to the ring and continues to work with Andrade El Idolo in opposition to the reunited Hardy Boyz.

Angelico delighted to work with Matt Hardy

Matt and Jeff Hardy have been highly influential in the careers of many young wrestlers and Angelico feels that if it weren’t for the trailblazing brothers from North Carolina he might not even be a wrestler at all.

Angelico has returned to AEW action. Photo: All Elite Wrestling

“For me growing up watching those guys, I can honestly say that if the Hardy Boys had never become a thing in wrestling, I probably would never want to become a wrestler,” Angelico said.

“I would never have believed that someone of my body type of my size could ever have had the opportunity to become a professional wrestler. So the fact that those guys existed is is one of the reasons I’ve ever asked for them. 

“To be working alongside those guys. I mean, it’s amazing and then knowing them as a professional, you know, that’s a whole other layer to it because now you really know the full experience they have. 

“I mean, it’s just the knowledge. You’re very fortunate experience to work with guys like that.”

The Forbidden Door

Angelico got the jump on a bit of the Forbidden Door action when he took on New Japan Young Lion Yuya Uemura recently on AEW Dark.

The well-travelled South African grappler says that he hopes to face more talents from NJPW in the future.

“Specifically, in my case, that’s what I grew up on wanting to be as a wrestler you know, to learn from all the world styles and I’ve always wrestled different types of wrestlers. 

“Wrestlers who bring something different, New Japan guys definitely have that they have a unique style about them. So anytime I can test my abilities against that world famous New Japan Strong Style, I love it. I hope to be able to run a lot more of the guys from that company.”

Angelico has also teased the introduction of new entrance music which he says will really ‘match his vibe’.

New episodes of AEW Rampage air on TNT Africa every Saturday at 10:00, while Dynamite goes out on Sundays at the same time.

AEW Double or Nothing will premiere for South African audiences on 5 June 2022.

Episodes of AEW programming are available on DStv catchup for subscribers.


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