Anita Baker Obtains Masters, Gives Green Light To Stream Her Music –

Green means GO! Back in March, Anita Baker tweeted that she’s “outlived” all of her artist contracts and, by law, her masters plus the rights to her name and likeness should be returned to her. Specifically, she was referring to copyright reversion, which allows artists to be given their copyrights after 35 years.

With her not being granted those copyrights, the veteran songstress was forced to fight for them, during which time she encouraged and reminded fans not to stream her music until she was the sole owner of her catalog.

The 63-year-old expressed that “recordings streamed & sold are *Inferior & Missing Original Instrumentation. Recording Speeds have been ‘Sped Up’ Bootleg/Bogus ‘Vinyls’ R Not from Original Analog [masters]. But, from Re-Processed (no Mid- Range frequencies) Digital Copies. Fans Deserve Better.”

However, the Rapture singer recently announced her approval for streaming her music. In a newly updated Twitter bio, the Detriot native wrote, “Retired from The Plantation 2020 My Masters Are Coming Home 2021 STREAM ON.”

Last Friday (Sept. 3), Baker captioned a photo of all of her albums on vinyl, writing, “All My Children Are Coming Home.” In reference to the legal battle, the eight-time Grammy winner suggested things went better than she anticipated: “I had my fists balled up Ready for a Fight… But, there was No Enemy, in sight…. Only, a Lovely Seat. At a Lovely Table. With Conversation & Cocktails. Love & Light.”  

And just in case, you needed more clarification, one fan asked Baker directly, “are we in the clear?” to which she replied, “Yes Chil’ren. STREAM ON. ABXO.”


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