Anthony “AJ” Johnson’s Wife Seeks Financial Assistance For Funeral –

Anthony “AJ” Johnson’s death has rocked the entertainment community, leading to an outpouring of well wishes to his family and kind words about the actor and comedian.

However, according to Johnson’s wife, Lexis Jones Mason, that support hasn’t come in the financial sense, as Mason has publicly reached out asking for assistance to help pay for her late husband’s funeral. Mason, who spoke with TMZ about the ordeal and the “fake love” Johnson is receiving, admitted to being strapped for cash, estimating that she only raised $1100 in GoFundMe and CashApp donations at the time of the interview.

“Y’all say y’all love him, where’s the love?” she asked. “Y’all not helping. I get the calls, the inboxes saying y’all raising money. No, we’re raising money ’cause I gotta pay for this all out of pocket.”

Revealing that Johnson didn’t have a life insurance policy prior to his death, Mason remains determined to give her husband a proper burial, with or without the outside assistance of Johnson’s friends and peers in the entertainment industry. “I’m asking for help, but if I don’t get it, it’s fine, ’cause I’m not leaving my husband in there like that. We’re gonna have a service. I’m gonna do everything I know he would’ve done for me. It’s just hurtful.”

Johnson, who passed away earlier this month, was known for his standout role as Ezal in the 1995 classic film Friday, as well as his appearances in The Players Club, B.A.P.S, and I Got the Hook-Up.

His cause and date of death have not been revealed.


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