Anthony Davis Reveals Why He Got Into Argument With Dwight Howard

Anthony Davis Reveals Why He Got Into Argument With Dwight Howard

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Anthony Davis got a little heated with Dwight Howard last night.

Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard stole the headlines during last night’s Lakers game. With the team losing in the first half, Davis was frustrated and he ended up starting a sideline altercation with the likes of Dwight Howard. The two got in each other’s faces and it even got a bit physical before teammates ended up breaking the whole thing up. 

Eventually, the two players reconciled and they moved on with their lives. Regardless, reporters were still pretty interested in the whole thing, and they asked AD what sparked the fight, following the game. As Davis explained, it was about one play in particular, although they were able to patch things up.

Anthony Davis

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“Just a pick-and-roll scene,” Davis explained to reporters. “That was it. All of us are still trying to figure it out on the defensive end. Something happened. I was saying one thing, he was saying another on the scheme and one thing led to another. Like I said, we talked about it and we left it in the locker room at halftime.”

The Lakers are now 0-2 on the season, which means they are going to need to improve if they want any chance at making a splash in the Western Conference. This is a team that should be competing for the title, but so far, the chemistry just isn’t there.


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