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Ari Fletcher Makes Tweet Alluding To Domestic Violence, Then Issues Explanation


After her tweet gained traction, Ari had to set the record straight about what she meant.

Ari Flecther is an influencer who has had no problem detailing her life on social media. The 26-year-old has often used her Twitter account to get things off her mind, but, her recent tweet sparked some rumors early this morning. 

A post was sent out to her nearly two million followers that read, “Today was the last day I let a n*gga put his hands on me. Fight your demons, not me.” Almost instantly, all of social media’s fingers were pointed at her boyfriend of almost three years, Moneybagg Yo. Being that her tweet seemed so personal, hundreds of people wondered if Bagg had been the culprit she was talking about. 

While many users tried to get the scoop, others were reminded of some of Ari’s controversial comments. Back in January, Ari had participated in an interview in which she detailed what she looked for in relationships. “Pull your gun out and show me like, ‘Bitch leave. I wish you would walk out the door,’” she’d told the interviewer. 

Her statement generated some backlash– especially from those who had suffered domestic violence. In response to the criticism she had received, she hopped on Instagram live and said, “Stop tryna do a thing, why the f*ck y’all victimize yourself?”

As social media continued to put the pieces together from her tweet, Ari took to Twitter in an attempt to dead the entire situation. “I’m talking about a drunk man in the casino, not Bagg. It’s a video and he pushed me on the ground. I gotta be more careful how I tweet,” the mother of one posted. 

As of now, there has not been a video uploaded of said incident. HNHH will make updates on this story if it progresses.  


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