Ari Lennox Defends “Pressure” And Chlöe Against Colorism Backlash –

Ari Lennox Defends “Pressure” And Chlöe Against Colorism Backlash –

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For some reason, the internet loves to pit two incredible artists against each other and recently, Ari Lennox and Chlöe were the latest stars up for unwarranted discussion.

Both ladies dropped new R&B bops this past Friday (Sept. 10)—“Pressure” and “Have Mercy,” respectively—along with music videos that had many swooning, while others, of course, found a problem.

One Twitter user wrote, “Chloe’s new video has over 5 million views while Ari Lennox who has the better song and more tasteful video hasn’t even hit 1 million views yet. Chloe’s light skinned privilege is showing. Thank God she bussed it down, now she has the attention she’s been craving.”

Rightfully taken aback, Ari gracefully responded, “Please delete this hateful think piece. It’s negative and counterproductive and creating unnecessary backlash for both Black women. Chlöe and her music video are legendary and on REPEAT over here. Pressure is doing just fine.” In an effort to be somewhat helpful, another Twitter user took the liberty of replying to the Shea Butter Baby singer’s post calling out colorism, but the 30-year-old quickly refuted that as well.

Ari Lennox tweet discussing Chlöe backlash

She wrote, “but that’s NOT what this is. Chloe worked incredibly hard and shouldn’t be disrespected. She deserves her flowers. I will not tolerate this divisive s**t.” Both visuals for “Pressure” and “Have Mercy” have viewed well into the millions and as Ari said, both songs are “doing just fine.” Chlöe has not responded to the commentary.


Ari Lennox discussing Chlöe backlash

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