Ashanti To Star In ‘The Plus One,’ A Forthcoming Romantic Comedy –

Ashanti is headed back to the big screen with The Plus One—a project she’s not only starring in but also executively producing. In the film, the singer will play Lizzie. Deadline describes the plot as such: “Lizzie, whose only request of her ‘Male of Honor’ Marshall is that he doesn’t bring his hated ex Marie to her destination wedding. But lovesick Marshall brings her as his plus one, and Marie does everything in her power to wreck Lizzie’s big day.”

This isn’t the “Happy” singer’s first time on the silver or big screen. She’s had lead roles in 2005’s Coach Carter and The Muppets’ Wizard of Oz, 2006’s John Tucker Must Die, 2017’s Stuck, plus had a brief stint on Lifetime’s television series Army Wives and starred in the network’s movie, A Christmas Winter Song. 


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