Asher Roth Announces “Greenhouse Effect Vol. 3” With A Fan-Produced 3-Pack

Towards the beginning of 2020, Asher Roth received an unbelievably scathing rating of 2.9 in the Pitchfork review for his third studio album, Flowers on the Weekend, but as a true artist would do, he kept moving forward. Asher Roth went on to execute a pandemic experiment of sorts in which he would share acapellas on his Discord and encourage fans to create their own instrumentals based on his lyrics. After 20 weeks, Asher Roth had realized he had something special in his hands, and nearly a decade after the previous installment in his fan-favorite Greenhouse Effect mixtape series, he decided to turn those fan collaborations into Greenhouse Effect Vol. 3

Greenhouse Effect Vol. 3 is set to drop on September 3, and to hold fans over until the full mixtape releases, the former XXL Freshman has shared GEV3-Piece, a three-pack of fan-produced singles. “Snazzy Kat,” one of the singles from Asher Roth’s new three-pack, also arrives alongside a brief, black-and-white music video.

Ahead of Greenhouse Effect Vol. 3, Asher Roth has revealed that his forthcoming mixtape will actually be a conceptual project. When discussing the story behind it, he says, “The tape is a rap opera, of sorts, about a professor at the University of College who is teaching horticulture. A few students, looking at his long hair and birkenstocks, assume he can teach them how to grow pot. So he does. Eventually, the Greenhouse gets broken into by a few kids who steal the grow to sell it but ultimately get caught by a police officer–who’s a former student of the Professor’s class who could never learn how to grow. The pot (retrohash) being grown is actually magical and creates a portal to the World of Abundance, but only when smoked by a kind soul. If smoked by a bad apple, the world as we know it would erode.”

Give GEV3-Piece a listen below, and let us know in the comments if you’re looking forward to the release of Asher Roth’s Greenhouse Effect Vol. 3 on September 3.


1.Cruise Ships
2. Laryngitis
3. Snazzy Kat


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