Asylum-seeking actress, who flew into SA on private jet, gets DEPORTED


It reads like a bizarre plot from a Hollywood movie – but the drama caused by Ieva Andrejevaite in Cape Town is very much a reality. The Russian-born, London-based actress has been deported from South Africa, following a half-baked bid for asylum.

Who is Ieva Andrejevaite? Jet-setting actress makes false asylum claim in South Africa

You’re likely to end up shaking your head several times while going through this article. Most of it is beggars belief. When the actress arrived in Cape Town via private jet – but with no visa – she reached the border and then claimed to be a victim of the war in Ukraine.

Law enforcement officials were extremely sceptical, but according to asylum rules in SA, they had to let her into the country so her application could be processed. It went about as well as anyone could have imagined…

“The actress arrived at the Cape Town International Airport in a private jet without a visa. Immigration officers rightly refused her entry. After that refusal of entry – she then lied to immigration officials, making up a story of wanting to apply for asylum.”

“As a result of our asylum seeker laws, immigration officials’ hands were tied and they were required to let her into the country so that she could apply for asylum within five days. She was duly issued with an asylum seeker visa.”

Home Affairs

Why an actress was deported from Cape Town last week…

Needless to say, Ieva Andrejevaite did not honour any of the commitments she made as part of the phoney application. Instead, she indulged in a series of self-serving actions – which led to her being declared an ‘undesirable person’ in South Africa.

  • Andrejevaite fabricated a story of wanting to apply for asylum because of the ‘war in Ukraine’ on 28 April.
  • At no stage during her stay in the country did Andrejevaite attempt to apply for asylum – making her an ‘illegal foreigner’.
  • Instead, she was seen at several high-profile parties, including one hosted by Rob Hersov.
  • On 2 June 2022, the Western Cape High Court ordered Andrejevaite to apologise to South Africans and Home Affairs.
  • She was formally processed for deportation on 5 June and declared an ‘undesirable person’ by immigration officials.
  • The actress is now prohibited from visiting the Republic of South Africa for a period of five years.

‘Party girl’ slammed by Home Affars

According to an official statement by Home Affairs, the actress – who had grown up in Lithuania – tried to launch a legal challenge against the inevitable deportation order filed against her. Photos of Andrejevaite partying in the Mother City ended up destroying her flimsy defence, though.

“Images of her attending a party in Cape Town surfaced on numerous publications and social media platforms. Andrejevaite subsequently launched ill-advised legal proceedings in the Western Cape High Court under case number 5268/2022.”

“She then made further disparaging comments about South Africa, the Department of Home Affairs and its immigration officials. She also lied under oath as parts of her founding affidavit were clearly fabricated.”

Home Affairs

Ieva Andrejevaite declared ‘undesirable person’

Even Aaron Motsoaledi has had his say on the matter, claiming that Ieva Andrejevaite ‘abused the integrity’ of SA’s borders. She is now banned from visiting the country for the next five years, and will need the approval of Home Affairs if she ever wants to set foot in South Africa again.

“I am extremely happy that our immigration officers implement the laws of the country without fear or favour. As a country, we won’t tolerate the abuse of our immigration laws by anyone nor will we allow the integrity of our borders to be abused.” 

Aaron Motsoaledi


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