Azizi Gibson Calls On Freddie Gibbs For “Hate To Say It”


Azizi Gibson is one rapper that deserves a quick vacation. The rapper has been putting in work, consistently delivering at least one body of work each year, along with a slew of singles. Gibson closed out 2021 with the release of This Is Not An Album. This Is A Killer Playlist Vol. 1 in November but a little less than a week into the new year, and he popped out with some new heat.

This week, Gibson shared his latest single, “Hate To Say It” ft. Freddie Gibbs. Setting the tone for the year, the rapper’s soothing baritone delivery meets dreamy, jazzy production that perfectly compliments the melodies layered across the record. Gibbs slides through on the final verse, doing what he does best with razor-sharp flows and vivid imagery of the lifestyle of a player.

Check the song out below and sound off with your thoughts in the comment section.

Quotable Lyrics
Bitch wanna knock the boots, turn the phone off
Hoes that you came with hatin’, call the dogs off
Hoes clockin’ me on the ‘Gram, hit the logoff
Too legit, I’m tryna be too rich to fall off


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