Baboons break into car, spark hilarious ‘SA crime’ jokes


Another one of those only in South Africa videos has popped up on social media and netizens haven’t stopped laughing. In the video that was shared on Twitter by crime watcher Yusuf Abramjee, a baboon troop are recorded walking up to a parked car at a restaurant before jumping in and then running off with a backpack after being chased by a concerned onlooker.

While it is unclear where exactly the video was taken, it appears to have been somewhere in Cape Town.

Baboon troop take off with backpack in bizarre ‘car break-in’

“Crime is out of control,” the video shared on 20 June this week was captioned by anti-crime activist Abramjee, who usually shares true crime videos on his Twitter page.

The video shows a mischievous troop of baboons basically breaking into a parked car and then ransacking it for anything they could find.

Unfortunately for them, their little escapade ends after someone nearby spots them and gives them a chase.

Despite the man’s efforts, the cheeky animals take off with a bag.

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Meanwhile, the person recording the video adds his own bit of humour to the already bizarre situation by shouting “My bliksem!” as he watches the “crime” unfold.

The clip comes only a short while after The City of Cape Town announced that it will no longer be funding the baboon management programme in Constantia come July 2023.

Locals have a good laugh

Many South Africans welcomed the bit of comic relief amid a plethora of negative news in the country and joked heartily about how even the animals in the country have resorted to crime to survive.

One Twitter user, @ngayibanda wrote:

“In South Africa, even wild animals are looting :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::joy:

Another user, @M4Masande joked that these mischievous baboons may be members of the country’s ruling party:

“I am sure they have ANC membership.”

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