Baby born with two PENISES in rare defect – doctors chop off larger one


A baby boy in Brazil was born with two penises, which is a rare birth defect, but doctors made the decision to remove the bigger one.

This is according to the Journal of Pediatric Urology, which details the little boy’s one-in-5million birth defect. The doctors at the Federal University of Sao Paulo had initially planned on chopping off the baby’s right penis, which was smaller, but his mother revealed it was the only one he urinated from.


The condition of the baby, whose identity isn’t known, is called diphalia – and it is so rare, it has only been reported in 100 men. According to the journal, the boy only had the surgery to remove the one penis when he was two years old, but there was no reason as to why they waited so long after he was born before finally performing the procedure. It isn’t exactly clear what causes diphalia, but it is believed to happen by chance when genitalia develops in the wound.

“The cystoscopy through the right penile identified the urethral confluence in the bulbar area. We performed a meatotomy in the left penile to insert the cystoscope and confirmed the blind ending urethra. We decided to remove this penile. The penile was degloved entirely and clamped and took out the corpora at the base,” the doctors wrote.

There are also different kinds of diphalia – one such as this, when both penises are fully developed, or partial diphallia, when one penis is smaller or deformed


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