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Balenciaga Releases “The Simpsons” Collection


The fashion house premiered a special episode of “The Simpsons” during Paris Fashion Week.

As time goes on and the simulation continues to connect anything and everything within the universe, the idea of fashion houses collaborating with cereal brands and cartoon families has become more and more normalized. From your favorite YouTuber’s favorite designer, Kith, collabing with Lucky Charms to LOEWE dropping a My Neighbor Totoro collection earlier this year, it is clear that the high-low combination of designer clothing and accessories and every day breakfast foods and cartoons is appealing to a wide range of people. 

And within that wide range of people, there is apparently a cross-section with love for both Balenciaga and The Simpsons.

The Simpsons are no stranger to the apparel game. This year alone, the FOX cartoon has dropped two sneakers with Adidas and just released a collaboration with Vans last year in 2020. 

Balenciaga, however, is a different story. 

Premiering a special, ten-minute episode of the classic cartoon comedy during Paris Fashion Week, Balenciaga first hinted at a collaboration with The Simpsons. Starring caricatures of Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber and Anna Wintour, the special Simpsons episode displayed a collaborative collection between the cartoon and the fashion house and now, that collection is available for purchase. 

Featuring $260 keychains, $650 tee shirts and $2,450 hoodies, The Simpsons x Balenciaga collab is definitely on the pricier side but if you’re a diehard, it might be worth it to grab a piece commemorating one of the most interesting fashion crossovers in recent memory. 

Check out a couple of the items available in the Balenciaga The Simpsons capsule below and let us know what you think down in the comments. 

Image via Balenciaga

Image via Balenciaga

Image via Balenciaga



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