Ben Simmons has been ducking the Philadelphia 76ers this season and he is refusing to play any games. The Sixers are understandably upset about this situation, and as a result, they have been fining Simmons millions of dollars. Essentially, they are withholding his checks, and in the midst of all of this, Simmons has stated that these measures have caused him great mental distress. Needless to say, the situation is easily the messiest to come out of the NBA this season.

Now, Howard Eskin, a radio host in Philadelphia, is claiming that Simmons has gone broke. The radio host claims sources have told him that Simmons has been spending too much money and now that he has no cash coming in, he is unable to afford his lavish lifestyle. Eskin even said that Simmons could very well re-join the Sixers soon, as a result of his alleged financial woes.

Ben Simmons

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“I was told by somebody very reliable he may be tapped out, broke,” Eskin said. “Cash flow broke. Because he’s losing so much money, but he spent so much money. 17.5 million dollar home, remember he has to pay taxes too. 17.5 million dollar home. He’s got two homes in the Philadelphia area, probably worth eight or nine million. He buys a new car every month, four or five hundred thousand. He just spends money like it’s nothing because he thinks it never ends. And the person that told me, it’s very reliable that he has got serious cash flow issues.”

This is one of those stories that is hard to believe, especially since it isn’t coming from Adrian Wojnarowski or Shams Charania. Regardless, it is certainly some interesting information, and it remains to be seen if it rings true.

Ben Simmons

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