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Ben Simmons Receives Incessant Boos At AEW Event


Ben Simmons cannot catch a break these days.

Ben Simmons is angling to get himself out of Philadelphia and at this point, he doesn’t care how much money he might lose in the process. According to various reports, Simmons is selling his house in the city as he knows he won’t be using it anymore. As for a potential trade, talks have pretty well stalled as the Sixers are looking for too many assets. They have overvalued Simmons, and after an awful playoff campaign, teams simply do not want to pay that much money.

Simmons is easily one of the most polarizing stars in the league at this point, and Sixers fans are finished with him. The social media vitriol has been real, and now, they are jeering him at events that have nothing to do with basketball.

Ben Simmons

Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

For instance, there was an AEW event last night in Philadelphia, and in the middle of it, fans broke out some “Fuck Ben Simmons” chants. It was the ultimate form of disrespect, although this is the sort of thing one could expect from the fans in Philly. They have never shied away from their true feelings, and in this instance, they really had it out for the star.

The fans are a big reason why Simmons wants out right now. When the Sixers lost in the playoffs, many fans burned their Simmons jerseys and urged for him to be traded. Now, their wishes are close to being granted, although it could come at a great cost to the franchise.


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