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Bhad Bhabie Vents About Strained Relationship With Her Mother


Bhad Bhabie explains the issues she’s having in her relationship with her mother.

Five years ago, Bhad Bhabie became a pop culture phenomenon when she was a guest on Dr. Phil and uttered her now-infamous catchphrase, “Catch me outside, how ’bout that?” She was on the show with her mother, Barbara, who detailed how much of a nightmare the then-thirteen-year-old was. Bhabie is now eighteen years old, and she’s speaking out about the issues she has with her mother, venting on Instagram Live.

When fans asked her about the current status of her relationship with her mother, Bhad Bhabie said, “I have tried to have a good relationship with my mother. I have given my mother umpteen chances to be cool with me, to live in my house, to be around me every day. But every time I give her that chance, she shows me that my feelings don’t mean shit to her and that all she’s worried about is control and making me feel bad about myself. I don’t wanna hear, ‘Oh, that’s your mom, you should let her do what she wants.’ I did, I do, I let my mother do whatever the fuck she wants. I block her for a little bit and unblock and try to be cool with her again, and the next five minutes she’s back on bullshit.”

VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images

Then, she reacted to a commenter that said that her mother “should’ve swallowed her,” surprisingly agreeing with the troll.

“You’re right, my mother should have swallowed me,” she said. “You’re exactly  100% right and I tell her that all the time because I say, ‘Barbara, if you didn’t want me, that’s not my fault. It’s not my fault at all.'”

Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images

In the last few weeks, Bhad Bhabie has made headlines for her comments about her body shamers, detailing the surgical procedures she’s had and explaining that her latest viral video was a test to catch people slippin’. Watch her explain her current relationship with her mom below.


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