Big Boi & Sleepy Brown Recall Selling Weed With André 3000 On “How To Roll”

Big Boi & Sleepy Brown Recall Selling Weed With André 3000 On “How To Roll”

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Big Boi and Sleepy Brown reflected on when they began smoking in the latest “How To Roll.”

Big Boi and Sleepy Brown stopped by HNHH for the latest episode of our How To Roll series to promote their latest collaborative album, Big Sleepover, as well as discuss when they began smoking weed, how they learned to roll, and more.

As for the first time Brown ever smoked weed, he revealed that when he was 13-years-old, his stepbrother peer pressured him into smoking. At the time, Brown’s stepfather sold weed and his stepbrother made him and his friends from the neighborhood smoke ten joints.

Big Boi, Sleepy Brown
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For Big Boi, the first time technically came around the age of five with his dad and his uncle. The two handed him a joint and took a picture of him smoking it; however, he says he didn’t seriously start smoking until he and André 3000 tried to sell weed in high school.

“I didn’t start smoking, smoking until me and 3000 attempted to sell weed in high school,” Big Boi recalled.

“Oh that’s one of the funniest stories,” interjected Brown, mentioning that they tried to sell to him.

Big Boi continued: “We sold weed for about 10 days. What made us stop is that Dre got robbed. The n****s that tried to rob Dre had cut Dre in the hand with a knife. And then, Dre was like ‘I vow to never sell weed again after that.”

Check out the latest episode of How To Roll above.

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