Big Daddy Kane Vs KRS One Is The Next Verzuz

Big Daddy Kane Vs KRS One Is The Next Verzuz

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Big Daddy Kane and KRS One are set to face off in an upcoming Verzuz battle on Sunday, October 17th.

The celebratory nature of Verzuz has made it the ideal platform for hip-hop veterans, many of whom have assembled impressive discographies throughout their careers. Part healthy competition, part showcase of the classics, Verzuz is about to take it back to hip-hop’s formative years with their upcoming match-up. 

Though it was already heavily speculated for a while now, Swizz Beatz and Timbaland have officially confirmed that Big Daddy Kane and KRS One will be going head-to-head on Sunday, October 17th at the Barclay’s Centre.

“BIG DADDY KANE vs KRS-ONE!!” captions the Verzuz IG page. “I hope you’re ready!!! This one is for Hip-Hop!!! See you on the 17th.”

Older fans who grew up in the late eighties and early nineties — not to mention hip-hop historians with a sound grasp on the culture’s early years — will be thrilled to see two of the game’s most influential lyricists taking the big stage for their moment in the spotlight.


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Given that both Kane and KRS rose to prominence around the same time, the pair are clearly familiar with one another. During a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, Kane praised KRS as one of his top-3 of their era, rounding out the selection with a vote for himself and Rakim. With the mutual respect on high, expect this upcoming Verzuz to be a monumental celebration of two larger-than-life lyricists, both of whom have likely influenced your favorite rapper, if even indirectly.

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Will you be tuning in to watch Big Daddy Kane and KRS One take the stage on Verzuz this coming October 17th? If so, sound off if your predictions in the comment section below. 

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