Big K.R.I.T. Says Rappers Should Team Up And Create Their Own Union –


Talks of creating a union for rap artists is a topic that’s been broached for years with legends like KRS-One and N.O.R.E. both suggesting the culture take the step to protect their own. Now, Big K.R.I.T. is the latest artist to call for members of the Hip-Hop community to band together under one umbrella, explaining the importance of a union and the potential benefits.

“We were talking about a union before we got on this show,” K.R.I.T. said to Ebro Darden during an interview on Apple Music 1. “And I was like, ‘Musicians have a union, most people have a union, why artists don’t have a union?’ I see mad artists, they go through the process. They either have a hit record or they don’t. They get signed, they get dropped.”

The Mississippi native continued, adding, “They break down, they get on drugs, they go to the streets. But there’s no collective to call and be like, ‘Hey, man. I need to go to rehab. Hey, man. I need help with these bills. I acquired too much. What’s a good lawyer I can go to? What is the deal I signed?’”

K.R.I.T. also suggested that the union could be a conduit for veterans and newcomers alike to pass valuable information to one another in order to maximize their dollars. “And so, I think we’re at a point now with all this information we have, and you got artists that I know made millions of dollars off of their deals, which I didn’t, but even they don’t want to be where they’re signed to so who do you talk to? How many people do you put together? How much money do you pay a month to unlock that information with OGs and we all can connect?” the rapper concluded.

K.R.I.T., who inked a deal with Def Jam Records in 2010 before announcing his departure from the label in 2016, recently released his latest studio album, Digital Roses Don’t Die, his first album in nearly three years.

Watch Big K.R.I.T.’s Apple Music 1 interview below.


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